Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi, I’m William Kinsley and I write the “Left Brain Blog”. This site started out as an escape from the complexities of the technical world I work in, and gave me a place to explore more of the “right brain” activities that are always completing for attention. It also gave me a place to post photographs that family and friends always bug me about.
My photography grew from being an ice breaker with girls in high school, to away to make money in college and finally developed into a relaxing pastime. While I am mostly shooting digital today, I still have my Pentax 6x7, which allows me to fully escape the digital world.
Just as my interest in photography grew, my technical interest evolved in parallel, experimentation in chemistry, change into electronics and then to ham radio, and finally computers.  Just as the brain is divided into two hemispheres, so is this web site; thus the “Left Brain Blog” was created and now serves as a place for me to collect all my technical thoughts, notes and references in one location that I can access from almost anywhere

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