About Me

I am single father of a wonderful son, an accomplished application/software architect and a contemporary artist experimenting in conceptual photography and abstract photography using both digital and traditional photographic techniques.

For over the last 20+ years I have been involved in Healthcare IT in the development of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other HIT applications where I architecture and design database, interoperability and applications, with a focus on scalability, performance and enterprise solution development.

I am also an active experimenter with computer and radio technologies, most recent interest have been with NVidia CUDA, DSP/signal processing, amateur radio, satellites and drones.

In high school, I was originally licensed as novice class amateur radio operator and later upgraded to technician class. Recently my interest returned, when I saw the new licensing requirements had been simplified, I felt challenged to take the exams (plus my original technician class grandfathered me to general class).

Currently keeping it simple with a Yaesu HT and a dual band handheld Yagi antenna, I am playing with software defined radio (SDR), satellites, digital communications and computer integration. 

Thank You for Visiting!